Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Media

One of the things you will probably hear a lot about from me is the role of the media in modern society. I have a very low opinion of the media they are the despicable fourth estate who try to ruin the world for the rest of us. Any Psychology academic will tell you that positive thoughts are enablers and negative thought / aspirations only hold people back.

What does the media provide just the negative, and now 24 hours a day. I pity the government they cant do anything right, the smallest mistake and the media are baying for a resignation. You have to wonder how many good politicians we have lost because the media shouted so loud.

Sadly its the culture we have all grown up in and the media wouldn't exist unless the people liked a spectacle. Its a bit like a public hanging, we all like to watch and thank god it isn't us on the receiving end.

The only way round it all is to develop filters, I can't remember who has written books about it, I will post it later if I remember. What they basically meant was be selective about what you accept as truth, understand what the writer has to gain and what their potential bias is.

Even more basically don't be sheep and question everything.

Update 02/05/06

The person I referred to in the penultimate paragraph is Noam Chomsky, his propaganda model includes five filters: Ownership, Funding, Sourcing, Flak and Anti-ideologies.

These filters can be used as a framework to put any news item in context.

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