Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Big National Lottery Experiment

Maybe this has been done before but not by me.

The big experiment is that I am going to buy one lucky dip Euromillions ticket each week for a year. So that is 52 tickets costing a total of £104.

Will I win more than I spend? Will I win big? Is it a good investment strategy. Who knows?

As an experiment statistically it is a bit limited as I am only playing one line per week. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 13 on the main draw.  So taking the lowest average win which is £2.70 I should earn £10.80 and spend £104 making a grand loss of  £93.20.

Of course I could win a lot less or I could win a lot more. It will interesting finding out.

I will post updates whenever the mood takes me or when I have a win to talk about.

So far after week 1 I have spent £2 and received £0 makes an early loss of £2.

Things can only get better!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Get 50% off Amazon movies ( They don't want you to know)

Amazon have recently started hiding the cheapest options for renting and streaming new movies. Take "The Martian" which is advertised as £3.45 to £9.99. When you click on the link to go to the buy page you can either rent HD at £4.45 or buy at £9.99.

Amazon are hoping that everyone will click on the £4.45 button but unless you are on a HD laptop or a large HD TV you can get away with SD. If you are on a slow connection or a tablet then SD is the better choice.

But how do you find the £3.45 option. Click on the "More purchase options" to reveal the hidden cheaper option.

Et Voila!

Want to save another pound. If you are a amazon prime user you can select "no rush delivery" when you order something. Each time you do this amazon will give you a £1 promotion code to use on amazon video. The discounts are applied automatically but to check your balance you can click on "Redeem a gift card or promotion code".

Use both tricks to get your 50% off.

If you want to maximise your vouchers you can even split up your orders into single item orders and get a £1 voucher for each item.

Why pay more?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

My thoughts on the upcoming EU referendum

For me there is a simple argument which can be easily understood by everyone. Larger groups of countries in this global economy are stronger than individual countries. Or alternatively to quote Aristotle "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

This is simply common sense and those in favour of brexit are simply deluding themselves that Britain will somehow be better off standing on the outside looking in. These are probably the same people that believe we still have a British Empire.

I would agree that Europe is not perfect but let us change it from within not leave in a hissy fit. We are stronger working together and we must work together for a better outcome for all. We must look outward beyond our island than inward and hope for the English channel to protect us.

Some 'pause for thought' comments from the first few days of campaigning:

"But in my view - for reasons of security, protection against crime and terrorism, trade with Europe, and access to markets around the world - it is in the national interest to remain a member of the European Union. " - Theresa May.

Although the brexit campaigners are arguing exactly the same about leaving.  Again if you use a modicum of common sense team work would triumph over going it alone. After all terrorist groups are generally global operating in a number of countries so surely it makes sense to work together.

Evening Standard - Anthony Hilton article

"I once asked Rupert Murdoch why he was so opposed to the European Union. “That’s easy,” he replied. “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.”"

If that doesn't convince you to vote to stay in the EU then nothing will...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Open Letter to Google: Bring back the Nexus 7

Dear Google,

I love my nexus 7, I wasn't sure I would like a tablet as I didn't know what I would use it for but since I bought it two years ago I have never looked back. Its the Google Nexus 7 (2013) if you want to know exactly which version.

Lately it doesn't charge as well, probably the abuse on the usb connector has finally taken its toll. To be fair it is not poor craftsmanship but simply my beloved nexus has been used daily and charged almost continuously to keep up with my relentless use. My final idea is to get a wireless charger to keep it going for a while yet so it is not over yet.

I have had to face the inevitable truth that perhaps it will soon be time to find a replacement tablet.

So having had such a wonderful experience I look to see what the latest version of the nexus 7 brings to the table. In reality, nothing, as google have callously binned it.


Google - a quite word - basically you have made a mistake. You had the equivalent of the first can of coke  and then said lets add lemon to it. Result nobody likes the new drink. People like coke because its coke. People liked the nexus 7 because it was the 7. People did not sit there and think "I really wish I had an extra two inches."

Think of the paperback book. Its pocket sized, fits nicely in the palm and does the job. Nobody except maybe the google design team wants a bigger paperback.

Since the nexus 9 apparently google have been disappointed by sales, could it be that the 7 was the star and the 9 a poor relation.

For the Douglas Adam's fans in the world the best thing about the nexus 7 was that it fitted in my dressing gown. One dressing gown, one tablet, one towel and the world was my oyster. Or it least it would have been had the earth not been demolished.

Enid Blyton wrote the Secret Seven, she knew that nine wasn't going to work.

When the Nexus 7 finally dies do I put it in a frame and hang it on the wall with the label "Google's best and greatest tablet". Do I fall to my knees in Hollywood style and scream to the skies "No!!!!!". Or do I just find a 7 inch tablet from another reputable manufacturer and wonder what the nexus 7 might have become.

Please Google, I am begging you don't give up on the Nexus 7, I am never going to buy a Nexus 9. Google, we could have been great together, you and me against the world. We could have made it, if you had given us the chance.

Kind Regards



Sunday, July 26, 2015

Railway Ghost Stories

I have been looking for railway stories (non fiction) from 1880 to the Beeching era as like most people I find the lost age of railways very interesting.

Whilst searching I have come across various ghost stories from around the uk.

Some links for others that might be interested:

Rail forum thread - Are our railways haunted? - Excellent thread on a railway forum with lots of short stories.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tim Vine Style jokes

These jokes are my own creation in the style of / paying homage to Tim Vine. Usual disclaimer applies these were funny in my head, they may not be in reality.

Number 1

DFS delivered my new suite the other day, Sofa so good.

Number 2

I went to the Doctors the other week, he asked for a urine sample. I gave him the sample and he said "I was only pulling your leg" and I replied "No, you are taking the piss".

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Interview Number 1

I have started a new project, yes another one. This one is about writing fictional comedy around interviews of some sort. This is basically all about the conversation between two people which can be quite random and hopefully slightly funny.

Standard disclaimer applies in that these were funny in my own head, you may not find them funny at all.

Interview Number 1

Person A: So why do you want this job?

Person B: I don't

Person A: Pardon?

Person B: I don't want this specific job.

Person A: Then why come to the interview then...

Person B:Well, lets say no one comes to an interview for this job.

Person A: They do, you're here.

Person B:You are not following me at all
You are interviewing for an administration assistant right?

Person A:Well...Yes.

Person B:There are billions of admin jobs right?

Person A: I suppose...

Person B: So what I want is an admin asst job, it does not have to be this job.

Person A: So you don't want this job then.

Person B: Well I wouldn't say no.

Person A: Well thats interesting because I wouldn't say yes.

Person B: Can I suggest next question?

Person A: Do you think that would help?

Person B: At this point in the interview who can say?

Person A: Quite

Person A: Let's move on to what you know about our organisation?

Person B: The business or your personal organisation

Person A: The business of course

Person B: I know very little... I'm afraid

Person A: You are afraid?

Person B: No, I am not scared

Person A: Good, because I have had feedback I am an aggressive interviewer.

Person B: That's ok I have had feedback I am agressive when interviewed.

Person A: I always feel like I am being judged at interviews.

Person B: You are

Person A: Well yes

Person B: It is just so personal though isn't it.

Person A: Yes but that is an interview, impersonal and personal at the same time.
It is an imperfect tool in an imperfect world.

Person B: Like a 102 piece screwdriver set.

Person A: Ah but that's a perfect tool,  you have the perfect bit for any screw.

Person B: I think we should agree top disagree.

Person A: Anyway, to move the interview forward slightly

Person B:Certainly a better direction than backwards,
or sideways.

Person A:Quite

Person B: I would see myself as the 102 piece perfect tool for the reasons you just described

Person A: Which are?

Person B: I fit any job

Person A: Ah but your philosophy of screw driver bits would suggest you don't fit this specific job.

Person B: That would be one possible interpretation but I could not possibly comment

Person A: It's an interview I think you are required and compelled to comment

Person B: No comment

Person A: This is not a police interview

Person B: Good because I had a disagreement with my lawyer last night

Person A: Do you need a lawyer?

Person B: You tell me, you are the one asking the questions

Person A: Yes, I am and parking this to one side the original question was what do you know about the organisation?

Person B: I know the organisation needs and administrative assistant...