Sunday, April 30, 2006


I don't know if many people have been keeping an eye on the situation in Darfur. Its been bad for a long time. Sadly the story isn't newsworthy and is relegated to the "in other" news or international sections. Obviously millions of people starving to death is not important.

This week the UN announced that they were cutting the Darfur daily rations in half due to a severe funding shortfall. An estimated 3 million people currently depend on food rations.

" But little has come from the EU and nothing at all from any of Sudan's partners in the Arab League, except Libya, the World Food Programme says. "

" The United States has provided $188m, but little has been received from elsewhere.The EU says it has allocated 48m euros ($60m) for the whole of Sudan this year, while the UK will donate £49m ($88m) through various aid agencies."

So the UK are contributing more than the EU, half of what the USA is contributing. Well it seems at least the UK is standing by its commitment to do something about world poverty. The rest of the world needs to know, we can't do it alone.

The surprise contributor is Libya, well done them, they put the Arab League to shame.

My point is why aren't we doing more, if the UN state there is a desperate need for funds how come governments and the media stand by and do nothing or is it the case that all lives are equal but some lives are more equal than others.

I perhaps over simplify things, the situation in Darfur has arisen through a violent civil war not drought or famine. The problem wont be solved until we can solve that crisis but that shouldn't stop anyone giving the money. The UN have African peacekeepers in the region and are continually trying to bring about a peaceful settlement. Things are looking hopeful with the problem being solved by Africans for Africans. Again they need the support of the rest of the world, which has been sadly lacking.

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