Saturday, January 01, 2000

New Word Dictionary

A Collated post of all the new words created on this blog.

Borken (borked):

Totally and utterly broken. example: The computer is borken or I borked the computer.


People who comment on blogs or forums who give an extreme opinion and then get burnt in the flames.


The coren look, the coren effect.
A sultry seductive look which is a promise of care free naughtiness, with the light on, behind the bedroom door.


Commonly a derogatory term referring to people (especially in a work environment) who in an attempt to gain favour act in a manner conforming to the social and political norms of the organisation. They do not show or exhibit any behaviour outside of those norms to the extent that they are not exhibiting or are suppressing normal human behaviours such as compassion or a sense of humour.

'pigeon' managers:

Managers who come in crap over everything, then fly off leaving the rest of the team to clear up the mess. You can often find them re-inventing the wheel, trying something again that didn't work five years ago, talking in business code or schmoozing with the high and mighty.

Shake of snow:

A sparse ground covering of snow similar to the effect of sieving icing sugar onto a Victoria sandwich.

Teflon minister (Teflinister or Teflonitician):

However much criticism the media throws at the minister none of it seems to stick. He is untouchable or non-stick like teflon.

Tmtoh (pronounced tum-toe) Tmtoh is an acronym for 'Too Much Time On Hands'

[1] A prolific poster of comments / blog articles or any other commenting in web 2.0 who spends too much time commenting and has little or nothing worth saying.
[2] Could also refer to a comment / blog or web 2.0 addict who has to post items / comments or suffer withdrawl symptoms.


Bloggers and other commentators on the web who sensationalise news items.

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