Tuesday, October 09, 2007

'Stray Matter' - utter genius!

Sometimes I come across a site where I think my photography could be so much better, sometimes I come across a site and think wow I'm never going to be this good. On very rare occasions I come across a site which makes me want to cry and throw away my camera because any photograph I ever take will only be one millionth as good as this.

Of course the rarest gem of all is a photo site with good picture descriptions. Yes, there are sites with good technical or factual descriptions. Yes, there are sites with OK poetic descriptions which complement the picture nicely but none where the link is seemless or where you cant separate the text from the picture.

A picture says a thousand words but a picture with a thousand words says a million words.

'Stray matter' is a photoblog that does all the above and more, it blows my mind far out the other side, how can a photoblog be this good.

Evocative is one word I could use, often haunting, combining the photo with the text puts you right into the picture making it a living breathing landscape.

Utter genius.

Thank you to Scotty for permission to use a thumbnail image.

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