Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

II Waging War

9. Bring war material with you from home, but forage on the enemy. Thus the army will have food enough for its needs.

10. Poverty of the State exchequer causes an army to be maintained by contributions from a distance. Contributing to maintain at a distance causes the people to be impoverished.

Notes by Zephyrist:

The first paragraph simply states that bring important things like armour and weaponry from home but feed off the land. More basically only transport that which you cannot reliably get on or near the battlefield.

The second paragraph is a bit more cryptic. Sun Tzu may have been saying something simple, with money tax the people near the army to prevent the state exchequer and the people becoming impoverished. Alternatively, he may just be saying the greater the distance between the army and the home land the more impoverished the state will become, so only make war close to home.

As usual Sun Tzu is open to interpretation.

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