Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Magna Carta Day tops British day poll

According to a poll by BBC History Magazine Magna Carta day was chosen as the best option for a new bank holiday celebrating being British.

The Results were:

Magna Carta: 27%
(15 June_
VE Day: 21%
(8 May)
D-Day: 14%
(6 June)
Armistice Day: 11%
(11 November)
Trafalgar victory: 10%
Slave trade abolished: 6%
(25 March)
Napoleon's defeat: 4%
(18 June)
Churchill's birth: 3%
(30 November)
Cromwellian republic: 2%
Reform Act: 2%

The snag with this is that the Magna Carta was signed prior to the union so it is in fact an English day and St George’s day would be a much better day to celebrate.

A cynic would say that historical context was not a consideration for most people but the date was chosen as the one likely to be the sunniest just in case it becomes a bank holiday.

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