Monday, May 22, 2006

Quo Vadimus – Where are we going?

Aaron Sorkin the writer and producer is known for his fast paced scripts such as Sportsnight and the West Wing. Workplaces like that are where I feel most at home and I would hope that any place I work can be a bit like that.

Aaron often builds in thought provoking almost philosophic lines into his plots. Quo Vademus is one of them from Sportsnight a behind the scenes comedy based around a third place cable sports show.

Quo Vadimus simply means, “Where are we going?” The character who is an entrepreneur states that his career he has had more failures than success but what matters is that when he fails he gathers his team round and asks “Where are we going?” and after things start to look up.

We all need to know where we are going, once you know that, it is easy to work out how to get there. The other thing to accept is that failure is part of the path to success, failing sometimes can mean your doing things right.

Quo Vadimus?


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