Sunday, November 05, 2006

Its a funny old world

You know sometimes I think the whole world is insane. Just look at all the people who believe in conspiracy theories. Look at the number of people who cannot fulfill their own potential because of modern society.
We tell kids they can do whatever they want in life, they just have to work hard. The thing we don't tell them is that you will need a lot of luck as well.
The other thing is if your not a people person or just an out of the ordinary person you won't get the job or other thing you want.
This is not a rant, its just the truth. I commute on a bus to work every day and I see college kids talking about getting into college, doing courses like cooking and dance. Ten years later where will they be, working in recruitment I see some of them years later, like me struggling to survive in the real world and taking whatever job they can get.

On another note on Friday I offered two people a job, one was on horseback, had very good sound effects. I couldn't help thinking the horse was thinking get off the phone your distracting me. It must take some skill to control a horse and answer a mobile. The second person told me " I love you!" upon hearing the good news.

See its a strange old world and sometimes the surreal moments make it good.

I watched "Master and Commander" last night as well. Having read the books it didn't really compare. Russel Crowe was the wrong person for Capt. Jack Aubrey but the actor for Dr Maturin was excellently cast. It had good moments and the "lesser of two weevils" joke was outstanding a real laugh out loud moment.

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