Sunday, November 16, 2008

Osborne stands by economy warning (BBC)

Apparently George believes it is his job to tell everyone the truth about the economy.

George ' Mass Hysteria' Osbourne is basically going around doing a private Frazer from Dad's Army, "We are all doomed".

George, this is not helpful and not clever so frankly shut up. In essence unless you have some new ideas or a solution just keep quiet. Leave the people with some brains to continue this conversation and get on with sorting out the economy rather than scaremongering.

"The reason why sterling has fallen by more than 25% is because they don't believe Gordon Brown when he says Britain is better prepared than other economies..."
-George ' Mass Hysteria' Osbourne
I admit it took me a while to remember why the value of a currency drops, the reason is that when interests rates decrease investors withdraw funds from sterling and head for other countries with higher interest rates. The whole premise of capitalism is that the money chases profit, therefore less profit in the UK then the money goes elsewhere. It is not really a judgement on Gordon Brown, it is the equal and opposite reaction from dropping interest rates.

Obviously if as a politician you say that you cant get votes, our political system seems sometimes to be based on having equal and opposite opinions. Getting cross party agreement is the stuff of myth and legend.

Its also interesting to note that the conservative party itself don't have faith in Osbourne's economic skills having drafted in his predecessor to help with some of the fine detail of party policy. Big vote of confidence for poor George there.

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