Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama Dilema: Camp X-ray

Obama has rightly pledged to end the illegal detention of suspected terrorists in Camp X-Ray (Guantanamo Bay). It has been an insult to Human rights and democracy since the start.

However, Channel 4 news raised an interesting dilemma for Obama. Obama can try some of the suspects in a hybrid court where there is evidence but for about 100 detainees there is either no evidence or evidence compromised as it was obtained under torture. For these 100 the only fair course of action is for release, the only question is to where?

No country will accept them back and they cannot be released in the US. In both cases the public would be unlikely to stand for it and hence the dilemma.

100 detainees who can not be tried.
100 detainees that will not be accepted by any other country.
100 detainees that can not be released on US soil.
President Obama what are you going to do next?
If you happen to know the answer to that, feel free to email the White house, I am sure they are open to suggestions.

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