Monday, March 10, 2008

My Autobiography - Possible Titles

In a quiet moment on a wet Monday while the "Great" storm was raging against the window. In Oxfordshire it really wasn't that great, more of the "Lesser" Storm.

Anyway I was busy watching the rain and thought about writing all the stories that from a working life spent in HR. If it is still called HR when I retire in 30 ish years time. Who knows whether I shall ever write the scary story that is my life in HR but it amused me for five minutes to think about titles for my magnus opus.

" The story of a mid-level HR functionary in a non-descript government department"

" Re-inventing the wheel - the public sector way"

"I came I saw, I banged my head against the wall."

"Have you filled in the correct form?"

"101 reasons why you shouldn't have a meeting"

"Even a 6 year old can see the problem"

"To change the world, you have to start at the bottom."

"My life in procedures and policies."

"Every day heroes and how I recruited them."

"HR - Hope Revitalised"

"HR - Harpies Re-visted"

"HR - Hopeful Revolution"

"When the call came, I stood up and was counted."

"Cradle to grave HR in the public sector."

I could go on and on. Perhaps I could make them into chapter titles instead.

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Bobbicus said...

I am reminded somewhat of "Yes, Minister" and the Department of Administrative Affairs.