Saturday, September 15, 2007

More McCann stuff

While browsing the times online this article heading caught my eye:

Face it: we need the McCanns to be guilty (The Times)

What it suggests is that we all feel manipulated in this game. That somehow grief has been managed in some sort of branding exercise of PR and spin. It suggests that all summer emotions have been boiling that we have used and because it involved the disappearance of a child we have been unable to criticise for fear of being castigated by society.

It is an interesting article and when I finally wrote about the McCanns I tried to express similar thoughts. However I stopped short of saying I need them to be guilt, indeed I hope that they are innocent just to justify them using every trick in the book to find Madeline.

It still remains that we are still waiting for answers but some sections of the media feel they have been duped and have already convicted the McCanns with no formal evidence. They do this almost every time there is the slightest hint of someone being a suspect. I am amazed that people can still get a fair trial by jury with such damning accusations going on in the press.

The world is still watching, waiting for answers and waiting for Maddie to show up preferably alive although in our hearts we fear the worst.

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