Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And Finally: Nice work Mr Beaver (BBC)

It is a tradition in some countries including the UK / US to have an "And finally" story which is usually some cute or funny story to make the hellish world that has just been covered in the main news more bearable.

It is also tradition at least in the UK for the classic film called "The Great Escape" to be shown on tv at Christmas. This film tells the story of a daring escape of British prisoners of war escaping from a prison camp in Germany during World War 2.

Both of these thoughts will help me round off 2008 with the story of the Beaver great escape. In October 3 Beavers escaped from a farm in Devon, UK. Two were apprehended quite quickly but the third male beaver remains on the loose.

From the pictures on the news article he has really gone to town on some local trees. In a sense you have to admire his workmanship, he has done a better job than a man with a large chainsaw.

Apparently the beavers are licensed and are generally part of a wildlife photography business. They escaped through an electric fence and although the exact escape plan is unknown it is assumed the fence failed during local flooding allowing the beavers to escape.

"The names Beaver, James Beaver, licensed to log trees."
-Escaped Beaver talking to the local press.
They know where the beaver lives and are currently trying to entrap it with "honey pots" which are laced with female beaver scent and a gin & tonic shaken not stirred.

The interesting point that this does raise is that originally Beavers were native in the UK, so this is an interesting case study into what might happen if beavers were re-introduced. Although the area of release would have to be carefully chosen as the video suggests that many land owners would not be happy with a beaver on their land.

Well Mr Beaver, I salute you, keep up the good work.

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