Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sustainable Growth Development Party (SGDP)

The 22 point manifesto for a sustainable future.

  1. We will only consume natural resources at a scientifically determined sustainable level.
  2. We will only emit toxic/ waste gasses where necessary within predetermined sustainable levels.
  3. Car use will be cut by 10% years down to sustainable levels.
  4. Public transport will be increased by 15% each year.
  5. Air use will be cut by 10% per year until a sustainable level is reached.
  6. Income tax will be abolished.
  7. Taxes will be based on inputs and outputs to the environment.i.e consumption of raw materials = inputs and emissions into environment = outputs.
  8. Social projects for the poor will be funded by the tax system.
  9. Inflation to remain below 1%
  10. All Tax havens to be abolished.
  11. Upper limit for income inequality. 1 to 30 across all sectors.
  12. Banking system to have high capital / liquidity balances
  13. Debt to be balanced by deposits.
  14. More jobs in sustainable development.
  15. More jobs in repair, recycling and maintenance.
  16. More sustainable small businesses.
  17. Reduced working week for all to 30 hours
  18. Free trade between sustainable development countries.
  19. Restricted trade with outsiders.
  20. Restricted immigration and birth rate, population to be maintained at sustainable levels
  21. Local goods for local shops in local markets.
  22. New standards for product life, encourage long lasting products across all sectors.
This manifesto has been loosely derived from an article in New Scientist, 18 October 2008, "How we kicked our addiction to growth" pp 52-53.

It is very much rough thoughts and a starting point for further discussion. I may even pick a few points to expand on later, maybe development some specific policies for certain sectors such as transport.

Luckily I hit on a good name SGDP is a bit like GDP - gross domestic product. With a good name you can go places.

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