Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 things the labour party could do for the UK

Running on from the last post about the labour party not having any decent ideas for ages here are 10 things they could do to really shake things up.

1. Reinstate the 10% starting rate in tax and lower the upper tax rate to compensate

2. Increase tax duty on homes over £500,000

3. Lower Fuel duty and tie it to oil price. When and if the fuel price drops the tax goes back on.

4. Have a sensible binge drinking policy. Don't charge me more just because other people are irresponsible.

5. Integrate public transport, introduce a national 'oyster' smart card and forces all public transport companies to sign up as part of their public licence to operate.

6. Deal with railways, allow greater open access and competition across routes. invest in new rolling stock and infrastructure. Commit to building at least one high speed line.

7. Open up major funding and subsidy schemes for proven renewable technologies. Put a solar panel on every roof in the UK. Encourage community energy projects in water mills, solar power, wind power, biomass generation and implement a national grid strategy to develop a distributed energy generation grid.

8. Create a centre of excellence for renewable energies. Make a UK renewable research centre and commit to bringing new technologies to market.

9. Find a way to deal with crime effectively, bring it a 3 strike rule. Lock people up in more prisons but fight better ways to fight social integration and offender rehabilitation.

10. Make it easy for first time buyers and penalise second home owners.

Feel free to turn any of these ideas into policies.

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