Monday, April 21, 2008

Sun makes apology to police community support officers

There was a story about two PCSOs who allegedly stood by and did nothing while a lad tried to rescue his sister.

Here is the balanced BBC story of the inquest Police defend drowning death case.

I cant find the original sun story but would guess it wasn't that ethical.

Anyway the full Sun retraction is here and I am happy to reproduce it to ensure that it gets the widest possible audience. PCSOs come in for a lot of stick and such negative accusations are not positive for society in general.

"OUR reports on the inquest of Jordon Lyon who drowned trying to rescue his sister (September 2007) stated two Police Community Support Officers from Greater Manchester Police stood by and did nothing.

We wish to clarify the two PCSOs arrived after Jordon disappeared under the water and they summoned help and directed other emergency services to the scene.

We apologise for any distress our report may have caused."


Maybe if we start publishing such retractions widely on blogs we can undermine the credibility of the gutter press and stop the culture of publish today, print a small retraction tomorrow.

The media should be held accountable for what they publish and encouraged to act with responsibility as we all know retractions afterwards mean nothing once somebodies reputation has been ruined.

Many thanks to "The Plastic Fuzz" for bringing the retraction to my attention. I shall be keeping an eye on this blogger.

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